Castings reduction solutions

Different Types of Castings Processed

  • Die Cast Large
  • Die Cast Small
  • Steel Casting Sprues
  • Aluminum Castings
  • And more...
Large die cast parts manufacturers turn to Komar's Dual Auger shredder to provide a reduced piece ready for the smelt pot. Komar auger shredders for die cast material generate the lowest transfer of energy to the grinding process of any volume reduction equipment; minimizing heat transfer. Komar's Dual Auger Batch Feed Shredders can easily handle bulk feed from conveyors with integrated weigh tables to control your processing feeds. If you require a continuous flow system, look to Komar's Single Auger with Injection head.
Small Die Cast Sprues generated by automatic removal of castings by robots are matched to the Komar Tiger Electro-Shear Die Cast Shredder for easy feed and reduction. Proper reduction of cast materials can make the smelting process 50 to 60% more efficient.
Steel Casting Sprues generated by modern casting methods tangle on conveyors and in general are difficult to handle. These casting trees are inefficient to smelt due to the trapped air space between the sprues. Komar's Steel Sprue Breaker eliminates the tedious task of manually breaking sprue trees for the smelting.

Case studies

Real Customer Story:
Improving Worker Safety and Increasing Productivity

Steve Jackson, General Manager of an Alabama casting manufacturing company was frustrated. Daily he had to contend with handling scrap casting trees which often became entangled and bridged. This problem, which haunts most castings manufacturers, results in employee exposure to dangerous situations and lowers productivity.

Like many of the players in the industry, Central Castings decided to size reduce the trees, which in their original form, are u-shaped ductile iron casting pieces which measure 12" high x 20" long x 1" thick (304 mm x 508 mm x 25 mm). Steve visited Komar Industries, Inc. (KOMAR) to look at equipment different from the standard impact presses commonly used in the foundry business. Komars in-house demonstration assured Steve that breaking these trees into two to four pieces with a compression auger would allow for effective handling and product output that enhances the remelting process. The auger will break the castings utilizing no close tolerances. The result is a lower horsepower requirement, fewer fines and lower maintenance.

The Central Castings solution was a Komar single auger processor. It uses a compression screw with a hydrostatic drive to aggressively break the u-shaped trees into pieces. The Komar single auger processor uses only 100 horsepower and handles seven tons per hour (tph) which is equivalent to 10 castings per minute operating 16 hours each day. It effectively eliminates seven big men with big hammers who perform this unpleasant but necessary task in the casting reclamation process.

Shred & Process

  • No close tolerances
  • Minimal fines
  • Maximize furnace efficiency

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