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Listed below are the most common material groups that are being efficiently processed by Komar compactors, shredders and feed systems. Each group heading links to a page with specific details of the application, with further links to the applicable equipment options.

  • Wood

    Cut wood waste hauling costs by 70% or more. Turn old pallets, crates, scrap lumber into saleable boiler fuel or mulch.

  • Cardboard Compacting (Corrugated)

    Better results than balers or ram compactors with none of the problems. Get up to 5 times more into a haul-away container.

  • Metal

    Volume reduction of metal turnings, steel drums, scrap, trim, flashings and other metal waste.

  • Medical

    Shredding and sterilization of infectious red bag, sharps containers - even document destruction, without costly off-site processing.

  • Hard Drives & eWaste

    Shredding of hard drives, peripherals, cables, discs, and electronic scrap for recycling or secure destruction.

  • Tire Shredding

    Process discarded tires into re-saleable products such as high energy fuel, playground cover, or roadway filler, or for more efficient landfill disposal.

  • Castings Reduction

    Proper reduction of die castings and sprues can make the smelting process 50 to 60% more efficient.

  • Hazmat

    Safe, enclosed systems for shredding, blending and incinerator feeding of liquid and solid hazardous and low-grade radioactive waste.

  • Alt Fuels

    Komar Industries alternatate fuels.