Komar's Green Difference

The Komar Auger Compactor makes a Green Difference

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Why do our customers buy a Komar Green Machine? We believe it is our customers’ confidence in Komar as the leader in Auger Compactor technology, with over 31 years in the business and holding 130 US and foreign patents. Or, it might be that Komar augers have successfully handled some of the toughest applications in the field of waste and reclamation; products such as hazardous, nuclear, bio-medical, die cast, steel casting trees, telephone poles, cable spools, as well as the easier products found in manufacturing, distribution centers, hospitals and many other industries. Our customers know it takes more than green paint to make a compactor environmentally friendly. They are looking for equipment that can make a real difference to our environment, energy usage, safety, and still make good economic sense for their operations. The Komar Auger Compactor is a viable component of any ISO-14001 environmental management program and is ANSI, OSHA, and UL compliant. It can save energy, reduce consumption of fossil fuels, promote recycling, prevent unscheduled downtime, and provide a cleaner, safer working environment for employees.

The Environmental Green Difference

Reduces the Carbon Footprint.
The auger does more than just compress waste. Its shredding action reduces volume significantly, packing 3 to 5 times more material into a 40 yd. container than a conventional ram compactor. By increasing load density, you can eliminate unnecessary transportation by waste haulers and reduce the carbon footprint by up to 400%. Open top container loads of pallets and crates can be reduced by up to 700%; conventional ram compactor loads of cardboard & general plant waste by up to 400%; and ram style pre-crusher loads by up to 250%.

Energy Efficient.
The Komar Auger Compactor requires 50% less kilowatt hours per cubic yard of throughput as compared to conventional compactors. It does not require an electric heater to prevent freezing up in cold weather, as can be the case with hydraulic compactors.

No Hydraulics.
The electro-mechanical Auger Compactor eliminates hazardous hydraulic oil spills inherent with traditional compactors or balers.

Reduces Spillage.
Auger Compactors reduce spillage by up to 80% over traditional ram compactors when the standard roll-off receiving container is disconnected from the compactor and 95% with the matched auger receiving container. This saves energy and time when exchanging the full container with the empty replacement container.

Eliminates Waste Build-up.
Ram compactors operate reciprocally, with a back-and-forth action. When the ram retracts, it often drags waste material back into the charge area which sometimes gets permanently trapped under the ram. This creates unsightly, unsanitary buildup, which will attract rodents and insects and presents unhealthy working conditions for personnel. Extra man-hours are thus required to remove this build-up by hand. This is never a problem with the Komar Auger Compactor because its single compression screw is always moving forward, and is housed in a sealed trough with an extrusion tube that mates to the opening of the receiving container, insuring a liquid tight seal.

Eliminates Wasted Energy Due to Chute Jamming
This condition is associated with ram style compactors and balers when high flow of materials build up on top of the ram as it retracts. This forces waste back up into the oncoming material being discharged from the conveyor, jamming the waste across the chute and blocking the flow of material. The compactor continues to cycle, compacting nothing but wasting a lot of energy until the line is shut down the line and the chute is cleared manually. With the Komar Auger Compactor, the continuous forward motion of the auger screw eliminates this wasted energy and costly downtime.

Promotes Recycling
Unsightly wood waste does not have to be stored on your lot. The Auger Compactor can shred and compact wood pallets and crates into standard receiving containers to be recycled as boiler fuel or sent to a mulch producer for final processing.

The Economic Green Difference

Reduces the Cost of Waste Transportation by up to 400%. The Komar Auger Compactor screw 3-dimensionally shreds and compacts with a continuous forward action. By changing the composition of the material before packing the receiving container, maximum container payloads can be reached. In addition, receiving containers empty easily without the need to manually pull the material out.

Provides Fast Return On Investment.
The Komar Auger Compactor has one of the fastest ROI of any stationary compactor on the market, as verified by the users of this technology.

Reduces Labor Costs.
The continuous forward action of the auger screw is up to 5 times faster than conventional compactor ram cycle times, ultimately reducing the time an operator needs to wait when feeding materials. Increased container capacity with the auger compactor reduces stacking of material and re-handling of the same material by personnel.

Reliable and Easy to Maintain.
The all electric Komar Auger Compactor is fully machined to produce extended component and machine life. Units utilize Allen Bradley PLC controls and are constructed with one main moving part, the auger screw, which is a solid forged steel alloy shaft with either cast or pulled steel flights. The primary maintenance on the Auger Compactor is refilling the automatic grease system which is typically done between 1 to 3 months, depending on usage. The system provides a 48 hour run refill alarm giving adequate time for maintenance personnel to refill the grease reservoir.

Eliminates Dragback.
Dragback is a condition found in ram compactors where waste material is dragged by the ram back into the charge area and often under the ram. This situation creates both an unsanitary and smelly mess. Company personnel must go into the compactor to clean out the debris. This labor intensive task is not only expensive, but very dangerous.

Eliminates Springback.
Springback is a condition inherent with ram compactors. As materials are forced under pressure into the opening of a receiving container, they are held in place by the sides of the container and the ram. However, when the ram is cycled, it in effect "opens the door" that keeps pressure on the waste. This allows material to "springback" into the charge area, reducing the overall capacity and making additional material
difficult to place in the reduced chamber. This causes the operator to try and force the material in, which is both time consuming and hazardous. Springback is eliminated with the auger screw which is held in a fixed position at the end of the extrusion tube, acting as a rigid door holding the material in place.

Reduced Equipment Footprint.
The Komar Auger Compactor boasts a larger charge chamber in relation to length by the elimination of the hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic power unit found in traditional compactors. It allows the auger compactor to be placed closer to the dock in dock installations, doing away with personnel needing to walk or drive on the back of the compactor to feed the unit, creating a much safer environment. In chute fed installations, it allows the compactor to be placed closer to the building, reducing the angle of the chute and allowing for better infeed. In yard applications, the Auger Compactor can be accessed from three sides, reducing loading time.