Metal shredding solutions

Different Types of Metal Waste

Looking for technology to handle both primary & secondary metal shredding? Komar Shredders are the solution for your industrial metal problems:
  • Metal Turnings
  • Guns & Brass Cartridges
  • White Goods
  • Drums
  • Door & Window Frames
  • Copper Scrap
  • Flashings
  • Product Destruction
  • Oil Filters
  • Scrap / Trim
  • Pails / Buckets
  • Aluminum and Tin Cans
  • Metal Skeletons
  • And more...

Chip problem solutions

Chip problems are easily handled by Komar 2 & 4 shaft chip shredders that are designed for turnings such as steel, aluminum, titanium, and bronze to mention a few. These metal shredding units can be directly fed from chip conveyors, container dumps or multiple feed conveyors.

Primary shredding

If primary shredding is your main requirement, look to Komar's large selection of low-speed, high-torque 2-shaft electro-mechanical or hydro-mechanical shear shredders. Our high quality metal shredding models handle steel drums, door and window frames, scrap / trim, metal skeletons and many other production items that require a primary shred or strips. Primary shredding of large, bulky items can save thousands of dollars on annual transportation costs.

Small and medium outputs

When consistent small to medium output in the 3/8" to 4" range is required, try sizing it in one of our 4-shaft Tiger 4 Quad shredders. Komar Quad shredders are ideally suited when shredding items to a uniform piece size. Komar metal shredding experts will analyze your needs and recommend the right shredder for your application. We match material types, desired output, and throughput rates to the best shredder for your needs. Komar's low-speed, high-torque, Tiger 4 Quad Shredder is great for medical waste, alternative fuel production, tires, product recycling, and more.

Shred & Process

  • High-torque shreds heavy-duty waste
  • Variable-speeds and direction
  • Shock-resistant operation

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