E-WASTE Disposal

Security, recycling, and fast return on investment are three major objectives of the E-Waste disposal processor. If you are a new or established business with electronic waste disposal needs, let Komar’s staff of experts help you design the E-Waste recycling system that is right for your application.

Project Highlights

Environmental Reclaim logo
checkbox Improved uptime
checkbox Reduced maintenance costs
checkbox Improved material recovery
Site: Columbus, OH
Equipment: Dual Shaft ES-5236-150 and Dual Shaft ES-9044-150
Application: Large E-Waste
equipment installed at Environmental Reclaim
Environmental Reclaim provides recycling solutions for troublesome, dangerous waste such as copiers, computers, monitors, fax machines, cables, and general electronic scrap. (environmentalreclaim.com) Komar’s shredders have given Environmental Reclaim a durable, cost-effective way to separate and recover materials such as plastic, metal, and circuit boards for further processing.
Veteran Technologies logo
checkbox Improved uptime
checkbox Reliable production
checkbox Reduced maintenance
Site: San Francisco, CA
Equipment: 2 Dual Shaft ES-1220
Application: Computers and Hard Drives
equipment installed at Veteran Technologies
“Veteran Technologies Inc. provides complete life cycle and logistics management for computers and related information electronic assets. Before owning our Komar shredders, we had SEM units that broke down every week. We had a difficult time trying to keep on schedule for our customers. It COST us big time. The Komar is reliable, functional, and like the old Timex commercial said, “It just keeps on ticking.” Amazing quality and value. It has worked perfectly from day one and has never missed a day’s work since. The reliability of the Komar shredders allows us to schedule large jobs with confidence. The value of Komar is many multiples of what we spent.” – Jim Buckley.

Video Demos

Equipment Offerings


single shaft shredders

Produces uniform piece size in clean product applications.


dual-shaft shredders

Produces strip cut pieces for medium-high volume applications.


quad-shaft shredders

Produces uniform piece size for high-volume applications.