Wood Shredding Solutions

Types of Wood Waste Processed
  • Oversized & Hardwood Pallets
  • Wooden Crates
  • Wood Waste
  • Cable Reels- all sizes with or without tie rods
  • Packaging Material
  • Furniture 
  • Furniture Products
  • Plant Waste
  • Doors & Windows
  • Construction & Demolition Material
  • Railroad Ties (even those with "S" clips and tie plates)
  • Utility Poles - whole or cutoffs with spikes
  • And more...

How will You Achieve Your ISO 14001:2004 Commitment to Continual Environmental Improvement

Komar Auger Green Machines provide several ways to help you meet your ISO 14001:2004 goals.
  • Eliminate Hazardous Hydraulic Oil Leaks
  • Lower the Carbon Footprint
  • Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Clear Up Cluttered Dock Areas

Komar Auger as a Primary Shredder for Boiler Fuel or Mulch

Single auger shredders produce an excellent primary shred at facilities where wood is processed for mulch or boiler fuel. Tub Grinders & Hammer Mills can be very expensive to operate with the rising cost of diesel fuel. Introducing a primary shred on your wood material can save you thousands of dollars on operating expenses relating to your wood processing line. Call today to talk with a Komar specialist.

Pallet Waste Stacking Up?

Do you drive past piles of pallets or crates cluttering your valuable parking lot each day? Are you waiting on someone to come by and pick up the excess pallets from your facility? If you are one of the thousands of companies around the world dealing with the growing problem of excess wood waste, then the Komar Auger Compactor may be right for you. Auger Compactors shred wood waste directly into a standard receiving container supplied by your local waste hauler. Don't take the chance that someone coming to pick up your pallets becomes injured at your facility or doesn't show up at all. Call to speak with a Komar representative today.

Do You Really Want to Be in the Wood Handling Business?

If you are looking for a safe, efficient, cost effective way to get rid of wood waste, then the Komar Auger can help. The Auger Compactor takes the air out of pallet waste and reduces your waste transportation fees by up to 400%. Get out of the waste business and do what you do best.

Pallet Shredder Handles Nails, Staples, & Metal Brackets

Unlike high maintenance, single shaft shredders, the Komar Auger Compactor shreds pallet & crate waste without fear of damage from nails, staples, and metal brackets. Single shaft shredders rarely survive serious damage when tramp metal is accidentally mixed in with or is part of your wood waste.

Stop Paying Your Hauler to Haul Air?

On average, 30 yard roll off containers hold 1 to 3 tons of pallet waste. The Komar Auger Compactor efficiently shreds & compacts pallets into standard 40 yard receiving containers, with loads up to 12 tons. If you could reduce your hauling by over 75%, why wait? Call today.


Auto Glass Distribution Facility

"we were pulling (5) 53' trailers a day of wood dunnage from our Columbus, Ohio facility. After installing the auger, we went to a single pull a day of a 40 yard container. The auger also made a dramatic impact in efficiently cleaning up the dock area and reducing labor."
Ted Wenger, Operations Manager
Auto Glass Distribution Facility, Columbus, OH

Building Supply Products Facility

"using an open top container and pulling 1 per day, we were looking for a way to reduce our waste hauling fees. The auger was a perfect fit in our operation. We reduced the pulls to 2 per week, and even utilize the auger for our granite counter top waste. We average about 10 tons per pull."
Rob Claire, Operations Manager
Building Supplies & Countertop Mfg. Facility, Cincinnati, OH

Shred & Compact

  • Load up to 8 times more
  • Reduce Hauling costs up to 75%
  • Cut Energy consumption by 50%

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