How Does the Auger-Pak® Work?

Watch the full animation to see how the auger shreds and compacts industrial wood waste safely, reliably, and with maximum efficiency.

“Meet the Komar Auger-Pak®.

Invented in 1977 by Komar’s founder and packed with decades of innovative engineering, it is easily the most rugged and reliable shredder/compactor on the market.

Designed to process industrial wood waste safely and with maximum efficiency, the Auger-Pak® system will quickly clean up any yard or facility, while eliminating the dangers inherent to manual wood waste disassembly.

Maximizing compaction into each roll-off container the auger typically reduces transportation costs by 5 to 1.

So, let’s take a tour of the Komar Auger-Pak® to find out just how the auger shreds and compacts so much material into each roll-off container.

If we look inside the machine, you’ll see our major processing component: the Auger screw.

Built for supreme durability, the Komar Auger screw is uniquely made up of a rotating tapered solid steel shaft and heavy-duty cast alloy steel flights.

On the edge of these flights are a series of hooked teeth, which bite into the material, pulling it down to the auger’s crushing force.

The entire screw is held by our robust patented bearing support system, explaining how we manage to house the biggest and most powerful screws in the industry.

When wood is fed into the in-feed hopper it falls into the processing chamber.

Where the powerful Auger screw takes hold and pulls the wood down against stationary breaker bars.

As you can see: The wood begins to shred and crush under the brute force.

As it breaks down, it is simultaneously extruded forward…into the attached receiving container.

All the while, your tramp metals – like nails, brackets, and bolts – are also easily pushed through with the rest of the waste.

The Auger continues to shred and compact, pushing more material into the receiving container.

As the container fills up, the push-flight – located at the end of the screw –presses against the material.

The compaction grows greater and greater.

Once the container is full, it is time to call your hauler for a pickup.

When the hauler arrives, they will first reverse the screw.  Reversal removes pressure from the container, and material away from the discharge area, which minimizes spillage.

Then they will unhook the ratchet binders of the full waste container, and pull the container to reveal a packed-out payload.

As soon as the new container is attached, the auger stands at the ready to crunch through more material.

Komar offers a full line of wood compacting equipment, with a variety of installation types, to meet your specific needs.

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