Delivering Consistent 9-ton Payloads, The Komar Auger-Pak®

Dale Roberts, Fleet and Recycling Manager for Woodstock Furniture, shares a story about the first hauler pickup after buying the Komar Auger-Pak®

“When he first came in, it was the same driver as we have had before with the same company, so he was used to pulling the one with the ram compactor – 3 tons, 4 tons.   So, he comes in.  He obviously sees when he pulls it away that this thing is packed.  And when he started to bring it up on the tilt bed the front of the truck started to raise up.  He said, “how much weight do you think you have in that?”  I said I am hoping that we have 9 tons or more.  He said “Okay” And so when he did bring it back, and dropped it off I said, “What did we have?”  He said “9.2 tons,” I think that was probably one of the heaviest ones he ever hauled.” – Dale Roberts

We asked Dale if this 9.2-ton payload weight was a one-off or his average weight.

 “As a matter of fact, I just looked at last month’s statement.  We had a 9.2 and a 9.4, and the interesting thing is that we only had it pulled four times, for the month.  So the cost savings right there alone is well worth the investment.” – Dale Roberts

Did you have to have a special re-enforced receiving container to haul this amount of tonnage?

“No, there were no special requirements.  As a matter of fact, It was just a 40yard enclosed container.  We have not heard of any regulations, or anything, that prohibits them from hauling that much.  And, we’ve been dealing with these guys well before we built the distribution center, so there are good communications there. We haven’t heard anything about issues with it.”  – Dale Roberts

What are other benefits, besides reducing hauling costs, to eliminating two to three hauls per week?

Less Processing Downtime

“With only one haul a week, most weeks, there isn’t as much downtime.  Because every time they are taking that 40yard container to dump it you can’t be using the equipment – so everything is just piling up in your warehouse, and now you must go back now and catch back up.” – Brian Aaron

Better for the Environment

“Now we haul it once a week so it was a big cost savings factor. Also, how much landfill space we were saved because we weren’t dumping a full sofa or chairs or anything into the landfill.  This way it is all compressed down, and it makes it a lot easier.”  – Dale Roberts

“When you all’s get dumped it is way better than if it was all bulk.  You don’t realize but one load a week vs. three is huge.  Just keeping trucks off the road, the pollution, the danger of wrecking, just everything It’s so much more efficient, besides for us.” – Brian Aaron