• Designed for the intermittent processing of general bagged waste
  • Handles cardboard boxes, and the occasional wood pallet
  • Shreds and compacts in one machine
  • Substantially reduces transportation costs
  • Eliminates dangers of manual material breakdown
  • Cleaner and more cost-effective than ram style compactors
  • Optional plug-in dock-enclosure for all-weather ease of use
CA Series auger compactor

Series Models

CA-15 model size comparisonCA-20 model size comparison


Komar CA-15 auger compactor
CA-15 Specifications
Chamber Size 50.4″ x 67.6″
Footprint 76.9″ x 74″ x 52.5″
Horsepower 15
rpm 8.45
Torque 9318.5 ft-lbs.
Weight 4174 lbs.
Throughput 1.62 tons/hr.


Komar CA-20 auger compactor
CA-20 Specifications
Chamber Size 78.5″ x 76.25″
Footprint 105.9″ x 83″ x 64″
Horsepower 20
rpm 8.85
Torque 11,868 ft-lbs.
Weight 12,054 lbs.
Throughput 4.14 tons/hr.

Series Installation Photos and Demos