Rogue Case Study

How Rogue is processing metal turnings efficiently with the Komar Auger-Pak®

When you are a leading manufacturer of monster racks, barbells, kettlebells, and steel lifting plates, you produce A LOT of metal turnings! Rogue turned to Komar for an efficient processing solution.

The Challenge: Light Hauling Loads

If anyone knows they could be packing more weight, Rogue does. Before reaching out to Komar, Rogue filled open-top containers with non-compacted metal turnings from their collection hoppers. The open-tops were then hauled to a metal recycler for further downstream processing. Rogue knew there had to be a better solution to max out their payloads.

Self Dumping Hoppers and Open Top Collection Container

Self-Dumping Hoppers and Open Top Collection Container

The Solution: The Komar Auger-Pak®

Rogue purchased an EM-15 Auger-Pak® system to pack out their hauling containers. Designed with an electric cart dumper, this system allowed Rogue to use its existing carts to feed the auger. A seal was added where the auger meets the container to prevent oil spillage during compaction and container swap. Now Rogue packs monster loads into each haul!

EM-15G Auger Compactor for Metal Turnings

EM-15G Auger Compactor for Metal Turnings

The Results: Monster Payloads and Another Unit

Rogue was so pleased with the results for their metal turnings that they decided to get a better handle on their Wood Waste. Last year they invested in an EM-40W Auger-Pak® for their crates and pallets.

EM-40W Auger Compactor for wood waste. Dock plugin installation.

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