• Designed for the intermittent processing of wet waste compactors
  • Great for Grocery Stores, Retail Stores, Stadiums, and Hospitals
  • Fully sealed construction for processing, storage, and transfer
  • Faster and more cost-effective than ram style wet waste compactors
  • Eliminates the unsanitary build up due to ram drag back
  • Odor and pest control with ozone technology
  • Optional plug-in dock enclosure for all-weather ease of use
CASC series auger compactor
Industry leaders choose Komar for wet waste processing solutions.
Industry leaders choose Komar for wet waste processing solutions.

Series Models

The CASC-15 Standard, and the CASC-15 High, denote the height that the auger screw enters the respective unit’s receiving container. The “Standard” model’s screw enters the receiving container lower and is preferable for most ground or dock-fed applications. The “High” model’s screw enters higher in the receiving container providing a larger sump capacity for exceptionally wet waste. A higher screw is also ideal for applications such as dough and other yeast-based products that benefit from top down loading. Each unit is offered with a 10 or 15 horsepower drive, to accommodate available power.

CASC-15 Standard model size comparisonCASC-15 High model size comparison

CASC-15 Standard

CASC-15 self contained
CASC-15 Standard Specifications
Chamber Size 52 x 77”
Footprint 270” x 80” x 103”
Horsepower 15
rpm 8
Weight 11,140 lbs
Door Double Hinged with P-Seal for complete liquid retention

CASC-15 High

CASC-15 High auger compactor
CASC-15 High Specifications
Chamber Size 78.5″ x 76.25″
Footprint 105.9″ x 83″ x 64″
Horsepower 20
rpm 8.85
Torque 11,868 ft-lbs.
Weight 12,054 lbs.
Throughput 4.14 tons/hr.

Series Photos

Project Highlight

Westmoreland County Food Bank logo
checkbox Reduced processing time 70%
checkbox Neutralized odors
checkbox Power consumption down 80%
Site: Delmont, PA
Equipment: CASC-Standard
installed at Westmoreland County Food Bank
“The Westmoreland County Food Bank provides food for approximately 7,200 households monthly through our pantries. We knew the Komar Auger was durable after the first use.  It has reduced processing time by 70%, and the compaction container smell has greatly improved with the integrated odor neutralizer. We had used a hydraulic ram previously, which caused food build-up stench that was always noticeable. We have seen a savings of 80% on our equipment power, which will help us to become LEED certified.  Komar is absolutely the best purchase we have ever made.”– Kevin Povich, Director of Operations