A Best-In-Class Wood Waste Solution that Paid For Itself in 16 months!

When producing 200 tons of wood waste per month, with skids up to 72” x 96” and 8” cross sections, you need a rugged and reliable solution to break down that material efficiently, safely, and economically. A leading manufacturer of chips and advanced displays approached Komar for help.

The Challenge: 200 Tons Per Month, Limited Space, High Hauling Costs

When Komar came on the scene, we saw a prevalent scenario. A sea of open tops and piles of wood waste. In a desperate attempt to reduce hauling frequency, Smash My Trash had been hired to provide some level of compaction with a spinning barrel attached to a crane arm. This solution was loud, inefficient, damaging to the open-top dumpsters, and relatively expensive when considering the ROI. There had to be a better option!

Smash My Trash Roller

The Solution: The Komar Auger-Pak EMD-180W®

After researching six solutions and visiting a Caterpillar facility to see a dual auger in action, they decided that the Komar Auger-Pak® was the best option. The high-quality construction, efficient operation, and unbelievable level of compaction provided a total return on investment in 16 months! The best part is that the auger shreds and compacts even their biggest wood waste quickly, so all the open tops were eliminated!

View of the EMD-180W processing chamber (left) and the Full Install (right)

The Results: 9-Ton Payloads, Fewer Hauls, More Yard Space, and an Additional Unit!

Overall, they are happy with the results, stating, “We haven’t thrown anything into it that it hasn’t been able to handle.”  The auger is helping the company to be greener by cutting down on emissions, and now that it has fully paid for itself in 16 months, it is saving a lot of green in operational costs.   Based on this, they are moving ahead with a purchase of an additional Auger-Pak® 180W for their newest facility!

The Screw when the Bin is Pulled (left), A Packed-Out Container (Right)

Learn How the Komar Auger-Pak® Will Clean Up Your Facility and Improve Your Bottom Line!

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